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Artemis of Ephesia was, and is, an omniscience, omnipotent, omnipresent and benevolent Goddess. She is unparallel among deities, in her all-encompassing care she expressed for all aspects of creation. She cares for the animal kingdom, and natural world, the waterways, the vineyards, the mountains, caves, underworld and the great seas. She, as the eternal midwife, bring us into life free of pain, and delivers us unto death without suffering. She protects the barren and virgins, at the same time she serves fertility and pro-creation. She is caring to her followers and forgiving of her foes. She offers refuge to out-casts, criminals and the persecuted. In the basement of her great temple of Artemis in Ehpesus, one of the seven ancient world wonders, was a world bank. Her mercy and range know no bounds.

Her temples and sanctuaries graced Asian Minor, large stretches of the North Africa coastlines, the Greek island and mainland, Italy into France, Spain in to the shores of Portugal. The Romans built sanctuaries for her through the lands that would later be called Germany.

She has many veils, some confusion and damn contradictory, but her core arose out or the Motherlands of Anatolia, and as one of the many chthonic (χθόνιος), earth and underworld Goddesses.

These life-giving and life-sustaining Goddesses proceed all formal religions. Cybelle, Magna Mater, Hecate and Hera are all timeless, albeit little, sisters of Artemis. All these powerful Goddesses were later domesticated, often fully distorted, by prevailing Hellenic and Roman traditions.

She was before Mount Olympus and she has no seat there among the Olympians. She transcends and predates all belief system or scriptures. Her many veils, which she adorns gladly, helps the many tribes and folk connects to her almightiness throughout the lands and ages.

Certain historical forces sought to whitewash Artemis from both the soils and psyche. But as the Beautiful and the Great Artemises were lovingly buried, by alert devotees, under the earth of the city of Ephesus, she will once again unearthed and resurrected, to bless us again, as few Gods and Goddesses have before or since. And her temples will arise within us, within our hearts and souls.